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Hi! Mediazione is specialized in Applied Psychology & Media.

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My name is Bernd Mojet. I'm an Applied Psychologist based in the Netherlands and the rest of world.

Applied psychology

- Business/organizational psychology

- Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA) coach

- Solution focused therapy

- Intervision (peer-coaching with a small group

  of professionals)

- Mediation

Media production

- Vlog

- Documentary

- Sign language translation

- Short film (advertisement, campaign,

   video podcast) 

Vision & mission

Mediazione is my company on two fields: Applied Psychology and Media. As a deaf professional I'm very visual since my birth. I SEE people more than they see themselves. I consider the world as the shared place of people with different backgrounds, culture, languages and history and especially with their own qualities. Everyone is unique! Throughout life people do their own things consciously or unconsciously. For example, going to school, work, supermarket, hobby place, friends and or family. All of these people have something to share with themselves and each other. Such as love, interest, work and sports. That is communication. They are usually not fully aware of their own potential and their growth and where these important things are going wrong.



I strive to prevent that going wrong through Mediazione and to help clients with that. I can observe people and put myself in their shoes. I summarize what is going less good and highlight the important points. Based on these points, I give clients clear feedback to improve their personality development (Applied Psychology) and or upgrade their personal or business profile (Media). I help them with being more consciously about themselves. They are treated with respect and valued. Trust will be created. People feel comfortable with me in a safe environment. By means of visualization of the learning points, people really experience it and they can apply it more easily.

Partners & clients

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